Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Rant of the Day

A while ago I watched a discussion play out. The topic was very emotionally charged. It started with an offhand comment, to which others chimed in and added their thoughts. The discussion quickly passed through debate and straight to mudslinging. It was interesting for me to see how as the discussion got emotional, tempers flared and logic became moot. Rather than point/counterpoint the discussion was full of insults ranging from childish to slanderous mixed in with a few threats.

As I sat on the outside watching things play out I thought back to when, as a kid, I took a debate class. I wasn't the best in the world, and I don't practice what I learned very often. I decided that I want my kids to take debate. I want them to be able to have intelligent discussions with people even though they are on different sides of the issue. I want them to listen to points made, think about them and offer counterpoint. Perhaps their own thoughts and beliefs (and/or those of the other person) will come out stronger, slightly altered or possibly end up take the other person's side. I want them to be able to strongly disagree with someone on a point, yet still be friends with them.

The discussion I observed was diffused and everyone walked away with little more than bruised egos. I think that the people that were friends at the start were friends still in the end. I couldn't help but wonder if some of the participants might miss out on what could possibly be a great friendship. Circumstances formed a first impression that will be difficult to overcome. Some of my best friends have been people that held drastically different beliefs from me.

I am not totally sure of the point of this post. Perhaps a future reminder for me. Something that will be etched into the archives of Google's cache. Awaiting my future browsing. When my kids are old enough, I may stumble across this post. At that time, I will read this and find my own advice brilliant. I'll remind myself just how smart I am (or perhaps was). The other option is that I will read this and see my naivety. Laughing at the similarities of this post and how much I was positive I knew about kids before I had some of my own......

Monday, May 4, 2009

Question for you all...

See my blog here. Please vote. I'm not sure what to do.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Daniel and Ashley update...

I know we told Brent and Nedra, but we should tell the rest of you. On Friday, April 24, I got a message on my voice mail that night. Our caseworker had finished our home study and submitted i to the Director for approval. He approved. We are officially approved to adopt. We'll "go live" with our profile at the end of this week. Spread it by word of mouth. Search by Daniel and Ashley among the profiles.

Here is the site for profiles.