Friday, March 12, 2010

Asphalt Ventures

For those who are interested, here's some video of me (and friend/instructor Ashraf sometimes in the passenger seat). I was "signed off" to drive without an instructor, meaning I have progressed from novice to intermediate to advanced to solo in only 6 track days. The new nicest thing anyone has said about me is: "for someone with your experience level, you're pretty da[rn] fast."

Out of gas as GT-R screams by. (Yes, it is embarrassing to run out of gas on track, but in my defense, the gauge doesn't work with the fuel sloshing around violently. Also, you get about 6 mpg and it kinda sneaks up on you.)

I think I like the camera on my helmet better.

Check mirrors!

Segment from last session.

Department of hmm...

The mystery of sudden acceleration.

Update: More here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

What I've been doing this week

Okay so I never post... so here is a look at the two thing I did this week that I think is cool.

1. I cooked dinner. Specifically I made this:

Baked Rigatoni with tiny meatballs. I made everything other than the noodles. The recipe is available here. It took a while and made a 9x13 pan but it was pretty good.

2. I installed a new ceiling fan... thank mom and dad for the very belated christmas present, or at least the method to purchase the fan... Here it is in action.

By the way I am still looking for volunteers to help with tiling a room at my house...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A conversation with my brother

copied from google chat window:

me: What is a smile but a grimace of happiness?
Scott: What is a Grimace but a large purple consumer of Happy Meals?
I guess my kids are small Grimaces
Scott: I love Basic Instructions!!
me: Me too.
I learned at Stake Priesthood leadership meeting that we can increase our spirituality by gleaning insights from the biographies of BYU football players
I also learned that you shouldn't make gagging noises during splm if the bishop is sitting behind you
Sent at 11:54 AM on Tuesday
Scott: rad.
that makes me happy just picturing it.
me: The guy giving the talk never looked at the audience. It was as though he was addressing the angels in the rafters.
Sent at 11:57 AM on Tuesday
Scott: I want to post that at Dead Seriously
me: feel free. off the record, of course.
Sent at 12:00 PM on Tuesday