Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eric's Story

Uncle Eric doesn’t say much. Perhaps it is the result of being the youngest of five children, there were always plenty of people to speak for him. Whatever the reason, he has never said much. However, there was one day when he sang, loudly.

At Christmas time when Eric was in elementary school, his class prepared a special choir program. On this particular day, Eric was showering while the rest of the family at dinner. As the bathroom was next to the dinning room, it was not unusual to hear the fan or the water running in the bathroom from the dinning room. But no one expected to hear—loud and clear—Eric’s voice belting out, “Santa needs help in Mexico, Mexico, Mexico.” The song went on and so did Eric. The family was so surprised to hear unobtrusive Eric singing so enthusiastically that we all stopped eating and listened to his performance.

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