Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daniel and Ashley Update

Sorry to make people chase around on the internet but my fingers are tired. I have written about my most recent adventures on our blog.

We just (at 10:30 pm) sprayed part of our lawn with poison of death so that we can begin our new yard project. We'll keep you all updated. Does anyone have suggestions about perennials that would be good, fast growing flowers for a trellis? Ideas would be great.

This is the best my flowers have looked this year. Everything is just green now. No color.


Mom said...

I think a clematis or two would be great for your trellis.

April said...

It has given me a great deal of pleasure to think about what to grow on your trellis. After playing at gardening for a few years, I have a few suggestions. First, forget about "fast-growing" and plant something you love. The problem with "fast-growing" is that they continue to grow fast and that means lots of up keep over the years and if it isn't something you love, well, it's just not as much fun. Our house in Oregon had what I believe is a classic fast growing vine called something like bride's lace. It was fine and it did a nice job of disguising and softening an ugly entrance, but by our fifth year there, it was really hairy and quite out of control and not really all that pretty. (I think the homeowners had planted it probably a year before we moved in.)

I have been loving the honeysuckle growing (like a weed) along our fence here. Here's an article about native ones that seem to be hardy even through zone 6 (which I think is your zone). There's a link to a place that sells the one called Blanche that she says flowers all summer! (Wouldn't that be delightful.) Although, it is tough to beat a clematis. Bluestone has a bunch of gorgous one at 1/2 price here

As for the fast growing part, think about planting some vegetables on the other side of the trellis to fill it in for the year--something like purple green beans would be interesting to look at all season.

You might also want to get some decorations to hang from the top of the trellis--like wind chimes or bells or shiny things.

Good luck! Let us know what you decide to do.