Thursday, June 19, 2008

For Matt, Daniel, and Brent

RX-8 vs. 500 HP BMW M5 at VIR. Funny captions along the way.


Daniel said...

So a couple of questions... Does the M5 drive know it is a race? Cause it seems to me that the M5 drive doesn't. Also i think the M5 maybe a more "comfortable" ride...

Ryan said...

The M5 is a much more comfortable ride. It is also a $90,000, 500hp car that should be able to blow the RX8 away.

It is not a "race"--just practice laps at VIR, but there is an implicit competition, evidenced by the fact that the M5 driver wouldn't let the RX8 driver pass until it was obvious he had to. Places like VIR have very strict "rules of engagement"--one of them is no passing unless you are invited. BUT, you are expected to let faster cars/drivers pass--just as you let faster players through on the golf course. The M5 driver could get in trouble for his behavior but letting the RX8 pass is an admission that either a) a $25,000 car is faster than his $90,000 car or b) the RX8 driver is a way better driver. Obviously, M5 guy didn't want to admit either.

I also like the video because it showcases the RX8's speed through corners.