Monday, July 21, 2008

OK, so I beat a few people...

I finished 5th out of 24 novices. I am pleased, especially considering that the course was wet for me in the afternoon and I spun off the course into the grass on my third run. Most people got 4 runs on a dry track, I only got 2. Call the waahhmbulence. I wuz robbed.

I can't link to the results directly, but if you go here and then scroll down to the Sat July 16 event "Points Autocross # 5 Old Sanford Airport Sanford, NC" you can click on "Class results", "Indexed Results", and "Raw Results" and see how I did.

Class results are organized by class (C Stock, Ladies, Novice, etc.) Scroll down to the very bottom for Novice results. (Notice that the first class listed is "old farts" class--a highly entertaining group.) My best time of 77.517+2 means I ran the course in 77.517 seconds and hit 2 cones. Each cone is a 2 second penalty. D'oh!

Indexed results are times adjusted for "PAX". Not sure what PAX stands for, but it is an adjustment factor based on how fast your car is. Sort of like a handicap system, except it adjusts for equipment, not ability. I didn't do so well here--I have a pretty fast car and no actual skill. I'm that guy with Mizuno blades, a Scotty Cameron putter and a 28 handicap. I finished 77th out of 110 in PAX.

"Raw Results" are just that--results unadjusted for anything. Overall, I finished 75th out of 110 entries. bad did the old lady in the Mini beat me? By about 6.5 seconds. That's about 6 and 5 in match play terms. (See the 36th place finisher in Raw times)

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