Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's All Join Daniel

So the Doctor's office called today and said that I have three options: 1. Take more drugs, 2. Lose at least 15 pounds in the next 6 months by changing your diet including lowering you LDL by 30 points or so and "we can set you an appoint with a dietitian if you need help", or 3. die ten to fifteen years sooner.

As you may have guess I have chosen option 2 as I currently take more than enough pills. So there is the challenge lose 15 pounds by changing your lifestyle so it stays off.

April, can you give me admin rights? I think I will post something to track people's weight lose...

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April said...

Well, I'm not joining you for the losing 15 lbs...but I recently (within the last year) lost somewhere around 30 lbs. I'll be happy to give you admin rights and I found the Daily Plate tool too be extremely helpful.

If you care, here's my weight situation: I have 5 more until I'm back to my pretty consistent college/high school/pre-kids weight, I have a lot more muscle from yoga and when I tried reducing my calories to get the last 5 off, well, I was so crabby and tired and felt terrible, so I think this is the healthy weight now. Also, most of my skinny clothes fit again. Most of the BMI calculators still say that I'm overweight, some even say that I'm borderline obese, but I think that's crazy! Good luck Daniel!