Saturday, April 4, 2009

What did you do today?

  • Ian, April, Molly ran, walked, strolled the one-mile Cary Road Race Fun Run
  • April invited our neighbor to church with us next week (Easter Sunday) as well as giving information about general conference, a pass along card, and our inspirational Linguine Amatrice recipe
  • April watched 4 hours of conference (well almost, with kid interruptions it's hard to say exactly)
  • Ian, Molly, and Ryan watched 2 hours of conference (Molly a little more than that as she sat on my lap at our friends house for a while)
  • Ian played guns (and probably other stuff, but who can tell) for two hours with his friend Nate (At some point he was playing dodge the dominos. When Nate got in trouble with is home for hitting Ian with the dominos his defense was, "but he was great at dodging!")
  • Ian and Molly chased the ducks in our front yard (we have a couple of "squtters" escaped white ducks who hang out at our neighborhood pond--for some reason they had wandered all the way down the block to eat around the bottom of my bushes--I hope their eating icky bugs)
  •   April, Molly, and Ian made Spanokapita including the dough bits from scratch. (We ran a little short of layers because Molly appropriated about a third of the dough balls into one large play dough ball, which she kept smashing into her face, primarily her hair line and laughing hillariously.)
  • Ryan drove his car really fast around the North track at VIR and rode in it while Ashraf drove it really, really fast.

I don't recall ever having a Saturday conference in which I felt like I did so much. 

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Mom/Nedra said...

Sounds like a great conference Saturday. We cleaned, watched conference, cooked, helped GH and planned a Grandma's tea party with Ellen Deamer and her girls.