Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A celebration of all things Lincoln

Congrats to the Lorimers for bringing another Lincoln into the world.

Let's review some other notable Lincolns:

The best president ever. (Seriously. Have you read the Second Inaugural Address?)

A luxury brand of the Ford Motor Company. Not much to be proud of here, really.

The capital of Nebraska, Home of the Cornhuskers. Their colors are not red and white, by the way. They are scarlet and cream. Sure they are.

The county town of Lincolnshire, England.

An album by They Might Be Giants.

Any of three Royal Navy warships.

An alleged ghost town in Utah.

The first road across the USA--that's pretty cool.

A type of sheep.

A number of colleges and universities.

And, of course, the Lincoln penny.

Also, the Lincoln memorial is cool, although I think it makes him look more like "the great emperor" than "the great emancipator", but whatever.


Mom/Nedra said...

My favorite is a dark red, very fragant rose named the Mr. Lincoln. I have two in my yard, if they survive this cold winter.

Matt said...

You forgot Lincoln from Prison Break. I think that may just be where Heather got the idea from....

Ryan said...

I hear you. I wanted to name Molly "Veronica Mars Bosworth". If we have another boy I'll probably want to name him Leonard or Sheldon.