Monday, February 1, 2010

Assorted links

Always brings tears to my eyes. Sniff. I still do that shopping cart thing.

Nordic terror continues rampage.

Via Tyler Cowen (who I get to meet this week!): Rent seeking behavior.

Especially for Daniel (or Matt, or Eric, or Jake):
How to show some class.

Especially for Brent: Hayek vs. Keynes. (Notice that the bartenders are Ben and Tim.)

Speedsource Mazda RX-8 wins GT class at 24 hours of Daytona. Again. Nothing like humiliating the Porsches. Hee hee.


Matt said...

The Mazda link had a good idea, but the music made it too sappy. They should have changed to a soundtrack that is a bit more zoom-zoom partway through. I am torn between Trapt, or some engine noise dub-over. Although, I understand why the creator didn't put Mazda sounds in. Mazda makes cars to be used daily so adds exhaust systems, which take the growl out (only real down-side is videos like this). I guess you could cheat and grab the sound from a car with a modified exhaust....

Never been into chess. Something about repeatedly losing turned me off. :)

Just because I like warm catsup's doesn't mean I am classless....

Fear the Boom and Bust is my new favorite youtube video.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the comments Matt.

I know not everyone finds chess fascinating, but did you know there are more possible positions on a chess board than there are atoms in the universe? It is truly a game of infinite possibilities. (see