Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A conversation with my brother

copied from google chat window:

me: What is a smile but a grimace of happiness?
Scott: What is a Grimace but a large purple consumer of Happy Meals?
me: http://basicinstructions.net/basic-instructions/2010/2/28/how-to-pose-a-photo.html
I guess my kids are small Grimaces
Scott: I love Basic Instructions!!
me: Me too.
I learned at Stake Priesthood leadership meeting that we can increase our spirituality by gleaning insights from the biographies of BYU football players
I also learned that you shouldn't make gagging noises during splm if the bishop is sitting behind you
Sent at 11:54 AM on Tuesday
Scott: rad.
that makes me happy just picturing it.
me: The guy giving the talk never looked at the audience. It was as though he was addressing the angels in the rafters.
Sent at 11:57 AM on Tuesday
Scott: I want to post that at Dead Seriously
me: feel free. off the record, of course.
Sent at 12:00 PM on Tuesday

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