Thursday, April 28, 2011

Economics in Rap form

I thought Ryan might enjoy this if he hasn't seen it already, but it may be interesting for others as well. They interviewed the creators on NPR, which is how I heard about it. Their goal was to start a debate about economic policy with something that might appeal to a larger audience than econ majors. One of the creators is from the TV world and the other is a professor of economics.


Ryan said...

Yeah, I showed them to my classes.

Fun stuff.

Jake and Crystal said...

Ryan, now I'm waiting to see what rap you come up with.

Oscar Wildde said...

Fantastic, Jake and Crystal! That's an interesting material for my students. They will definitely like it. We've a society of academic papers on Economics, and I'm sure the guys will be glad to share these videos with our mates. Thanks a lot!
Regards, Oscar