Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our weekend

This weekend we went up to visit Alison, Tobin and Hallie McMurdie who are just settling into their new place in Norfolk, Virginia. Tobin will be starting an MBA program at Old Dominion in a few weeks. It is about a three hour drive for us. We found that while we were not particularly well practiced in this area—I had counted on two sleeping children as we drove during nap time—we all survived and Ian had a great time playing with Hallie.

We went to the Living Museum, which is kind of a small scale zoo with primarily native North Carolina animals. My favorite was the little green Heron flying around outside near the board walk. There was an aviary housing various herons, ducks, and other water birds. There were several Night Herons roosting in the trees. After we pointed these out, Ian pointed out the "morning time" ducks.

We went up Friday afternoon and came back Saturday evening. This morning Ian wanted Hallie to go to church with him and during the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting added "bless Hallie" to the official prayer. He has been parroting phrases in prayers and sometimes the whole prayer, so it wasn't totally unusual to hear him praying aloud with the opening prayer, but it was heart-warming to hear him add his own personal blessing on Hallie—I'm sure the rest of the congregation enjoyed it too.

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