Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Friends in the Neighborhood

I can't remember what we tell who, so I thought I'd share our good fortune here. There is a new LDS family who moved into the neighborhood yesterday. They are straight down Greenbrier (the street in front of our house) all the way to the end. It's walkable! Even better they have kids our kids ages—almost exactly. We went down on Tuesday to celebrate their daughter Maggie's one-year birthday. Their daughter Lydia turned 3 in the first part of February. They have one older boy who is 5 named Evan. He and Ian play well together too. I watched their kids yesterday while Jennifer directed movers. (Dan had to work.) Even better than all that is that we like them, both. Yeah! Here are some pictures from Tuesday when hung out with them in their new (and empty) house.

Oh, Molly isn't walking, but she is close (and mobile enough to steal cake).

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Mom said...

Miracles do still happen!