Thursday, November 20, 2008

Housing updates....

Our house is still on the market, and we are still looking for a house.  We have had several people look at our house.  Of those 3 or 4 were "very interested."  Even with their high levels of interest, we haven't received any offers on our house.  We are still pretty optimistic though.  People keep looking, and everybody tells us first time homes are where the market is still moving.  Our house hasn't been on the market that long and we average ~2 people looking at it per week.  I think we are still in pretty good shape to be selling it.

We have looked at 50 or so houses.  We found one early on that was exactly what we were looking for, but it was bank owned.  Because of that they wouldn't accept an offer from us until our house was under contract.  It has since sold to somebody else (closes on Heather's birthday).  Of all the other ones we looked at, we haven't found exactly what we wanted.  We have even looked a little at building.  We will keep looking until something looks and feels right for us.  Not sure when that will be, but I am optimistic that it will happen eventually.....  If you know somebody who is selling a house in the Logan area (preferably somebody who is losing money when they sell it.) :), let us know.  We are interested.

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