Saturday, October 13, 2007

April's name: For the Dogs?

I had a truly wonderful conversation with a worker at the temple this morning. Imagine old guy with heavy drawl:

worker: Ryan and April Bosworth, 11:00?

Me: That's us.

worker: I have a daughter named April.

Me: It's a nice name.

worker: It is. [Pause] We had to name her April 'cause the dogs got the good names.

Me: Huh. [Thinking: Did he just say that?]


April said...

This may be a common trick of southern women as my red neck visiting teacher actual admitted to naming the dog whatever outrageous name her husband was hoping to bestow up their daughter. I wish I could remember what it was.

Mom said...

Since we had no desire to name a child "Punchy" or "Sunshine" you can't say our children's names went to the dogs.