Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stories about Mom and Dad

Sometimes when Ian is really wound up, he likes to hear a story about poppa or grandma. I think that for Christmas he will be giving his cousins a book that he's made of his favorite grandma and poppa bedtime stories. If any of you have some particular favorites, then please bring them to my attention. A comment here will work or email, phone call, etc. whatever you like best. Thanks for your help. I think Ian will really enjoy putting the book together and I hope the cousins will enjoy our stories.

I have started this as a google document you can see it here When I look at it there is a little link in the bottom right hand corner that says Edit (You have permission). If you click that you too may add stories.


Heather said...

April, I read the one in the Google document and it was great. Are you wanting them to be told in that kind of a style or are you up for anything?

My favorite stories about dad are:
Ellen Deamer and the money
Kris Watson and the Cop
Throwing buffalo chips at Daniel
Asking the homecoming queen out before Jimmy could
Asking Mom if she would go by a different name.

My favorite stories about mom are:
Telling Dad she liked her name and was not going to change it. Thank you very much.
Taking Daniel to the doctor to get stitches and having to explain that he really did run into the wall.
Having Dad raise his hand when he tells a joke so she knows it is a joke.
Picking elderberries while the wolves howled at them.
Taking Grandma to Provo to get eggs

April said...

That's perfect Heather. I'll write them up in story form. I can write, but I'm always a little short on ideas. Thanks.

Matt said...

We definitely need a first person account of Jake getting his chest hair pulled.

I have heard comments about a few other things: The vacation without food and water when Heather thought she was going to die. There probably isn't a specific story, but there has to be something about "one more corner". Kilamanjaro isn't funny, but a cool story to tell the kids. Heather says: Nedra going to England when you were kids. Stand up Grandpa.

April said...

How could I not have thought of Jake's Allen family vacation torture? And I like the idea of Kilimnjaro, I hadn't thought of telling that as a bedtime story.

Daniel said...

Your forgetting the Explorer adventure with dad the day of one of heather's dances.
The story of how GH got her name, not the real one but the one about pygmes.