Friday, October 5, 2007

Sloan forced to praise AK-47

This story made me laugh out loud.

What kind of praise will Sloan come up with to "balance" his criticism?

Future exchange at training camp in Boise:

Sloan: "Quit dragging your feet!"

AK: "I feel unmotivated! Praise me!"

Sloan: "AK-47" is the coolest nickname ever! And you look like that boxer from Rocky IV!"

AK: "That doesn't provide sufficient "balance"! Your criticism still outweighs your praise!"

Sloan: "If there were a world championship for "monkey in the middle" you would win every year!"

AK: "Thanks! I will now perform at peak efficiency!"

Please post suggestions for future praise. I'll forward them to Sloan. He'll carry them on a laminated card like an NFL coach with a play sheet.

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