Saturday, February 2, 2008

The mood at the Mazda club meeting last night...

was giddy.

The # 70 Speedsource Mazda GT RX-8 kicked butt and took names at Daytona. Among the key names taken: Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, and Corvette:

Key parts of the news:

The SpeedSource Mazda team beat the runner-up Porsche by over five laps. The win was the 22nd class win at the race for Mazda and a ended a lengthy winning streak by Porsche at the biggest 24 hour race in America. Along the way, the SpeedSource number 70 car beat over two dozen Porsche 911 GT-3s, a handful of Pontiacs, a pair of Ferrari 430 Challenges, a Corvette, and a BMW M6. There were a total of 55 lead changes among 10 cars in the class, but no one could pass the RX-8 for the final 185 laps.

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