Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things I heard today

  1. You need to drive that car like you hate it! (My instructor to another student. I already drive my car like I hate it. You always hurt the ones you love...)
  2. Looks like he ran out of talent. (In response to car spinning off the course.)
  3. Let me know if I scare you, honey. (Said to me by 60-ish lady in bright yellow, baby-blue-striped convertible Mini Cooper as I sat in the passenger seat. The lady has been autocrossing for years decades and is still one of the best drivers in the Tar Heel sports car club.)
Today was a blast. Here is a video that captures very well the sights and sounds of autocross. Unfortunately, capturing the feeling of driving is tougher. This and this come closer.

The above is me at an event last year.

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