Sunday, November 18, 2007

Answer and a new question

So I am shocked that no one got what I saw at my conference. There were some close guesses and an unusual one(april). So it is the original storage for google. Each drive is 4GB and there are 10 drives so the most that this could hold was 40GB of data.

So now onto the next question. Please leave your response in the comments and later this week I will give the answer. Today at church I got a calling. Yes I know, how could i ruin my streak without a calling. I was trying to top my last record but I didn't.
Now you get to guess what it is. Good Luck!


April said...

What calling should a soon to graduate, cute, smart, unattached, male be given. Clearly, activities committee or Elder's quorum presidency, ah, or FHE group dad. My final answer--Elder's quorum presidency.

Mom said...

Eric, so how come your mother had to read about your new calling on the blog instead of you calling her? You even came home and spent time here and never mentioned a word about it! Boy are you in trouble now.

Jake and Crystal said...

Definately FHE Dad