Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Guess what this is?

So I'm currently at Super Computing 2007 or SC07. I'm manning the booth right now. We are kind of in the corner so not a whole lot of people come by and those that do come by just want to talk to Dr. Hauser. But it is still good.
There are a lot of contests here so I thought I would continue that I do my own. I saw this while I was wandering the floor. What is it? You need to be precise in your description. Yes it is geeky so that should be a hint.



April said...

The legos give it a bit of childish ambiance and I recognize the fan unit that usually cools a hard drive. So, I'm going to say that it is a computer that sort mismatched socks. Each little cubby hole could hold a pair of the properly matched sock.

Well, this may be what I wish it was.

Matt said...

That is definitely a powersupply on the left, and 80/120mm fans on the right. I am guessing the vertical stacks are Hard Drives. Based on the fact that this is supercomputing, I say go for the gusto and I'll bet on 1TB hard drives. So, in short my guess is that that is a 12 TB disk array.