Saturday, September 29, 2007

Holy Mole!

I made this today. It was fantastic.

The recipe is from Tyler Cowen (economist, ethnic food expert, and blogger. Check out his homepage.)

I modified the recipe slightly. At April's suggestion I used poblano chilies. The pepitas I used never popped when I cooked them. I just cooked them to a darker color over medium high heat in a little oil. I used my cast iron pan for all the cooking.

Addendum: The sauce needs about 1 tsp salt.

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April said...

If this recipe peaks your interest and you want to try it, I recommend the following:
* seeding the chilis (when you remove the stem)
* reducing the number of chilis (Ryan used 3 and I think 1 and maybe 2 would be perfectly fine
* Increasing the amount of peppitas

All of the above actions will reduce the heat, but retain the yummy flavor.