Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I hope that everyone has had a lovely labor day weekend. Even though our kids aren't starting school it is feeling like the end of summer (Hooray!). The weather has cooled down here enough that Ian once again resumed his position on the porch to watch Lamar (a neighbor kid) mow the grass. We even ate breakfast outside.

Considering our social backwardness, we have had a fairly social weekend. We went up to see Alison and Hallie in Norfolk, Virginia. Tobin's grandfather died and he was back in Logan for the services. We had a nice time. Ian and Hallie really enjoyed a trip to the beach—which, despite excessive assurances that the beaches here were pleasant, was very windy. Molly even got in the water, though she was much happier watching then getting her toes wet.

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