Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last night's ceremony...

Last night as Heather and I were talking, a small ceremony took place. It was very small and unassuming, but it definitely signified a major event in both Heather and Noah's lives. It got me thinking a little about ceremonies in general. Everybody knows you are getting married long before the wedding. The ceremony doesn't annouce anything that was unknown. If you skip your graduation, you are still a graduate. Attendance is optional. The ceremony is usually just a capstone. The work is done before you enter the ceremony.

Last night's ceremony fits all of these descriptions, but it was much smaller. The ritual has been performed. If you weren't paying attention, it was easy to miss. As we were talking, Heather looked at me and said "Someday, _your_ boy is going to have a little boy, _just_ like him. I feel bad for his poor wife."*

It is now official. Noah is a boy, and Heather is a mother.

* Brief explanation for those curious about what caused this comment. Noah was curious. He wanted to see how well dryer sheets clean a bathroom mirror. When they did nothing, he got them wet. When that left a white film, he tried toilet paper. With the toilet paper though, he was a step ahead. He knew that dry things did nothing, so he went straight to the wet phase. The end result was a bathroom mirror 100% covered in white dyer sheet film with a light spattering of toilet paper pulp. The counter was covered with enough raw materials to do a few more mirrors, including water.


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Mom/Nedra said...

Give that boy a squegee and a bottle of windex.
It's important to choose who the father is because boys do grow up to be like them in the important ways.