Thursday, July 23, 2009

requesting help from the technogeeks

I assume that I can have the blog alert me of new postings and/or comments by sending me an email: 1) is this a good assumption? and 2) how do I make it so?

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Matt said...

There are a couple of options. My personal favorite is google reader ( I have recently converted Heather, and she loves it. It is cool because you can add as many blogs/news sites as you want and everything is right there for you in a gMail like interface. Easy to read and manage. It remembers which posts you have read and only shows you the new ones. Here is a site that gives you some great info to get rolling: If you need or want more help I am happy to show anybody how to get rolling with it. I currently follow 61 feeds and google reader makes it really easy to filter out the junk from the good.

If you want e-mail notifications, that is possible too. Go to the blog and log into your account. In the very top right corner, there should be a link that says "customize", click that. Now click the settings tab in the top left. The 7th sub-tab is called "e-mail & mobile". If you add your e-mail address to the "BlogSend Address" box and hit save settings, you will get an e-mail every time a new post is made.