Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Progress you can see. Finally......

We have had a lot of help getting things done in our basement.  We are really grateful for everything that everyone has done.  It seems like everything we have done up to now (except the first few days of ripping stuff out) isn't really apparent.  We spent a lot of time redoing the wiring, adding light switches and replacing light fixtures.    Last weekend, we finally made some visible progress.  Jake, Eric, Brent, Daniel and a guy from the ward came over and helped us and we got a lot done.

Work done so far:

  • All the wiring that was in or near the water has been replaced

  • Every room has it's very own light switch (in a logical location) - Yea!!

  • New light fixtures in several rooms (needed more than 1 40 watt mini-bulb to make it not feel like a dungeon)

  • Added light fixture in family room

  • Centered light fixtures (instead of wherever they were before)

  • Moved the wall and Heather now has a laundry _room_ instead of a laundry closet

  • Closed in the wall to the storage dungeon and opened up an opening for new french doors

  • Removed big box on the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs (was put there because of a lazy electrician)

  • All exterior walls have new insulation

  • Drywall in the pink room

  • Drywall in the blue room

Work left:

  • Window box in the blue room

  • Drywall in the yellow room

  • Drywall in all of the closets

  • Drywall in the hallway

  • Drywall in the family room

  • Wetboard in the bathroom

  • Install french doors into the office

  • Move 2 wires in the ceiling (where the electrician went around, not through the top plate.... Crossing my fingers - hoping it is easy)

  • Add 2 new outlets in the office

  • Fix all the holes in the ceiling from pulling new wires

  • Do all the taping and mudding (I think we will pay somebody to do this)

  • Lay new flooring in the bathroom

  • Put down new carpet pad and all the carpet

  • Redo the window wells so this NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER happens again

  • Keep tabs on a good realtor in case this happens again

As I look at that list, it seems like we have more to do than we have done.  As I look at the basement I am pretty sure we are well past the hump and entering the home stretch.

Here are some pictures of where the basement is at right now.


Ryan said...

Try and get this done before next July, OK? We'll need your skills fixing whatever is wrong with our house then. :)

April said...

wow! that sounds like a complete remodel. It sounds like your basement should be pleasantly livable for a long time to come.