Monday, July 20, 2009

What we've done so far this summer

We haven't posted a whole lot this summer. That isn't because we haven't done anything..... We have even slipped some fun in between weekends of working on the basement. Noah and Matt went on a father's and sons campout. Noah thought it was awesome sleeping in a tent. For the Fourth of July we went to the Plain City celebrations with Heather's sister. Noah participated his first pie-eating contest. The highlight of the day though came with the fish catch. They had a pond that they filled with water before adding fish. The kids got to climb in and catch the fish with their hands. Noah caught a couple of them on his own but had troubles putting them into the bag. Gracie needed a little more help. Both of the kids had a TON of fun running around in the water with the fish. Here are pictures that do a better job describing the summer than I have done.

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Ryan said...

Nice slideshow. We have also had some fun, but have no actual photographic evidence of it. Also reminds me that we need to get out on the canoes.